FRC History

The Los Angeles Valley College Family Resource Center (FRC), a unique model of a public/private partnership, is the first and only family resource center on a college campus in California.

In 2007, FRC faculty secured a generous donation from a local developer, JH Snyder, to build a new facility on the LAVC Child Development and Family Complex. 

Using a two-generation philosophy, the FRC serves student-parents and their young children, as well as the local community. The FRC faculty and staff have been trained by the Brazelton Touchpoints Center at Harvard University and have integrated their strength-based approach as a foundation for working with families.

Infant and Toddler Play Groups are the core of a myriad of family support services. Play groups are led by a family psychotherapist whose goal is to promote the relationship between the parent and child and to create a system of support for the parents. All programs are filled to capacity and maintain extensive wait lists. In addition to student and local community families, referrals are made from the LA County Court System (court mandated parent education), Regional Centers, and other community agencies that serve “at risk” babies.

Play groups serve as an instructional lab for high school and college students from multiple departments on campus. Students serve as interns, observe for class assignments, or might be learning to do research.