Why Is There a Cost for Playgroups?

Actually, the question for five years was, “why is there no cost for these amazing playgroups?”. 

We all had a fantastic ride! We were so fortunate that the College was able to financially support playgroups for students and the community. They know it is a wonderful and important service. 

And now financial times are different at the College. Like every family (or community) we know, there are times we have to pull in… and make tough choices. Though they still value and support us, we must support ourselves and cover the cost of playgroups.

That is no easy task. We ask that you understand and appreciate that we are charging you the absolute least amount of money we can. After a lot of research, we know we are the best deal in town, and hope that we can always keep the fee so low. 

Also - we are always looking for funding sources and writing grants. If any of you have any ideas, connection to foundations, and/or donors, please see Marni.

Posted on July 23, 2014 .